Casio A500WGA-1D

Business meeting at noon, another scotch, another cigar, another swig of cocaine, another sip of heroin, another bump of weed, another gallon of lithium, another liter of PCP, another injection of Tylenol. A golden square of luxury to look down at, life is so hard but you make it so easy. Maybe because it does feel easy when you are on several narcotics and can barely walk or breath. A watch for those that get things done, pinstripe suits and a daily overdose before lunch, time for deal making. Between energy drinks and shooting gushers into your veins you need to know exactly how much time you have, maybe enough left to taste a bit of that new secretary you hired. The green world map showing you exactly what you need to conquer financially, sexually. Raise your glass in the air for a toast, Casio, take what belongs to you.