Casio CBX-1000

Cyber Seattle 3049, purple sky, neon pollution. Motorcycles, Cybercycles, Wash cycles. Ants made out of aluminum and aluminum made out of ants, half human half elephant demons walking the streets. Suspended in the air bird holograms for scenery and a fake sun/moon to replace the ones we blew up in the Atlantic Ocean war of 2074. Pyramids springing up out of the ground and eating any living organism near them with anthropomorphic horrifying jaws, teeth the size of 3 story buildings. Fresh water has been replaced with blood, only the rich can drink actual untampered H20. The blood consumption causes delirium where despite technology being so advanced there is a subset of the population that clings to old world antiquated objects like wrist watches. On the wrist of one of the damned citizens in this future hellscape lays a Casio CBX 1000, a sign of the times from the cutting edge past, the primitive future, the aggravating present.