Dekla Type B, 42mm 6Steel

Dekla, inhouse German microbrand. Of course the de-facto German flieger brand is Laco or Stowa, but this is serious inhouse value for the money and as far as I’m concerned it’s much more authentic as a weapon of war with how tough the 6steel is. 6steel is their own proprietary material, high grade scratch resistant steel, inhouse hands/dial/case. Too good to pass up, I went for the 42mm, had the seconds hand lumed, FL23883 engraved on the side, 6steel obviously, no extra AR coating, handwind, diamond crown, you have eyes if I missed anything. Had a custom German strap put on it from Diaboliq Straps, 2 Iron crosses, the most tasteful war insignias you could possibly put on the strap. It’s all about tact and grace, the strap elevates the watch in such a way to where I could go to black tie events with it, or even an upscale funeral. Gorgeous piece, really came out perfect.