Elektronika 5 29367

The death of materialism is needed to some extent in order to get back to a society in god’s grace. Until that happens there is no hope for any kind of meaningful future, if we are nothing but atoms then what is morality? The fact that this kind of thinking leads to decay is not coincidence, there needs to be meaning, there needs to be order. If you want to be a little consumer labcoat dead eyed fedora cow mouthed bitch then fine, be spiritually and intellectually dead eating cockroaches and worshiping comic book characters like an infant. Wow my favorite superhero defeated a CGI villain in this mass market for China children’s movie, better clap in the theater and cheer like I have brain damage, better bring a blanket into a movie theater and take my shoes off like I’m not in public, with my girlfriend that weighs twice as much as me. This is the society they want.  But don’t complain when you live in a shipping container for a home and every facet of society has broken down, violence and unspeakable acts in the street and different tribes killing for supremacy in a fallen state. No thanks, couldn’t be me, which is why I have an Elektronika on the wrist. A real ray of hope in a dim world that even under the worst conditions imaginable you can persevere through truth and beauty. Each digit on the display is an arrow through the lies and deceit and evil that Satan tries to cast upon me, unsuccessfully, because Christ is on my side and he should be on yours too. If god is with us, then who can be against us?