G-Shock GWM5610

When every millisecond counts you need Multiband accuracy, you need a strap to your exact specifications for all weather conditions. I have taken the humble G-shock square and modified it to my exact daily needs, the impacts I face both physically and mentally require a watch up to the task. When you are drunk on the highway going 94 miles per hour in the wrong lane you need a watch that can withstand the crushing concrete that may catch your wrist on the way down from ejecting out of a windshield. When clocking out of your worthless dead end job you need a timepiece that is going to let you know exactly when the time clock will let you swipe out, as the other defeated worthless husks of humanity look at you stoned and go “wow… right on time haha”. This isn’t a watch, it’s a life style choice, one where you die from aids.