G-Shock Rangeman GW9400-3

One of the most iconic G-shocks of the last 70 years, tactical and imposing. A beautiful mix of Master Chief and Gundam in wrist form, tough enough to withstand typing on a keyboard or slowly walking down the street. Everything you need for your action packed life of sometimes grazing your wrist against a door or dropping your watch on the floor.  Feel like you have an H1 Hummer strapped to you, the ultimate vehicle ever created. You can think it’s an early 00s thing but genuinely think about how fucking sweet it would be to have an H1 Hummer right now, like if it had no issues and you didn’t care about gasoline, it would be so fucking sick and you can’t tell me it wouldn’t. Man that would be so sick, shit is so bad right now and really the future will just become more and more bleak with every passing year. But imagine rolling through that shit in some prehistoric T-Rex of a tank on the roads. Just half retarded and crippled from the monthly Corona vaccine but still crunching over curbs in a big ass yellow Hummer, badass.