KHS Reaper MKll

This watch is in the genre of tactical tritium tube watches, where the entire appeal is being this lightweight sort of high legibility watch for the battlefield. Of course a Casio is better then any of these pieces for actual war, but for something different when you don’t want to beat on a digital, they are fun. Unfortunately the best part of this watch does not really show up on camera that well, at least not for me. I went for the red halo color scheme on this one, white midnight and red everything else for the tubes. Neo carbon case, whatever the fuck that is, it’s light, whatever. I can see the appeal of these after owning one, same niche as marathon, bertucci, traser, lumtec, lumivox, whatever. I wouldn’t buy another one but the tritium tubes really do impress me. Switched out the stock NATO for a thinner one, but stock isn’t bad. I have already put ware on this one from my insane feats in battle, rough battles.