Orient Star Basic Date RE-AU0404N00B

This was the first brand new Orient that I bought in a long time. What modern Orient Star is doing for the money is fucking insane, this thing is so well done for what you pay on the grey market. Zaratsu polishing, SAR coating on the crystal, the new caliber with a 50 hour power reserve. It is just amazing, I don’t know if they will ever bring Royal Orient back or how much of a leap the 1k+ Orient Stars are but this is makes me want to see what they can produce for 3 times the price of this in 2021. Bulletproof, I can’t really buy preowned anymore for old SKUs and esoteric models when the modern quality is this good. Criminal, completely criminal that Orient does not get the respect it deserves, can’t wait to see what other models they come out with down the line.