Orient Swimmer 589003-70

Miami Vice, hot weather hot bodies. Phil Collins, Versace, cocaine neon dreams and synth bliss. Crashing a Ferrari into a drug lord’s mansion and not leaving until justice is served, throwing your police badge down on a table and handling things off the record. Big ambition, low life, palm tree sweat. Boats, money, power, pussy. Suburban Malls would rise from the ground and be 17 stories tall, with roller coasters and free blowjobs inside, the average US citizen making between 100-700k a month. Wall street, excess, cutting edge media and Art Deco buildings  / interior design that inspires rather than making you depressed, no Bauhaus death boxes.
I wasn’t alive for any of that, but hey that’s okay!!! I can just fucking type online all day and be bored, aren’t you happy? I’m so happy, I love having zero spending power, no where to go because the internet closed everywhere down that you can hang out even before Covoid.  Any job where you can support yourself being locked behind massive paywalls of debt and yellow tape, either know someone or get in the warehouse wagie!
Colors? Industry? Opulence? Any art that is uplifting? Excitement? Pfffffhhhhh that is dated, enjoy your post 9/11 world kids, malls? what are those? Spend time at school, home, and then drink yourself to death at bars, that is it. Get in front of the screen, the screen is better then real life physical locations built for entertainment. Or move to a disgusting city and live like rats on top of each other, walking over heroin needles trying not to get mugged.  Smoke some more weed you braindead boomers, keep watching TV you cancerous dinosaur fucks. YOU SOLD MY FUTURE!!!!!!!! GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah the watch, the Orient Swimmer is dope, nice two tone Oysterquartz vibe. Track one down if you can it’s cool.