Poljot International Pobeda 2602

A stunning example of what you can do with a new old stock movement put into a new case. A limited run from Poljot24, did I overpay? Yeah probably. Do I care? No. You wish you had this, you wish you had something so tastefully put together, so old world without the old world rust and decay. I will probably never visit Moscow, but that is okay, because:
1.I will see a full blown Communist-esque regime rule over me in my lifetime anyway, halfway there.
2. Because I have a piece like this on my wrist.
The stock strap is gone, replaced with a short Colareb that matches the original intended style. They have outdone themselves over there at Poljot24, a watch for the ages, depressing ages, with only gray skies and ugly poor people ahead. A horrifying piece for bleak times in pain, the sweet melancholy fills the air as we suffocate in it’s bitter taste.