Seiko 5 SNKD97K1

The simple Seiko 5, this particular piece so reminiscent of the Explorer II, the piercing white dial cutting into your eyes. The sharp indices, the unforgivable seconds hand, the twisted day and date. The subpar movement, the cheap bracelet, the  blatant disregard for humanity this watch has. This specific variant is so devoid of any reason, any kindness, it’s disgusting, it is an atrocity. Never before has a watch like this existed, it is a disgrace, it’s art. Every time I put this on my wrist it takes away a piece of me, it sucks me in and bends my energy into this force that moves the seconds hand. I hate it, I hate that I love it, I hate that it’s in my collection. I hate that I wake up every day and I look at my wretched watch box and I see this devilish little demon inside of it. Such a subtle size, such a subtle seduction, it horrifies me to my core and crosses the threshold into unbridled agony. Made in Japan, by skilled artisans who hand assemble every molecule inside of the watch, or at least I imagine that. Don’t buy a Seiko 5, buy a new life, stop reading this.