Vostok Amphibian 960761

Drink from the oceans of purgatory, storm the beaches of sorrow. With 2 time-zones no longer are you trapped between 2 realms, everywhere is possible, which means everything is possible. This saucy little fucktoy can just slide on your wrist for hours, see beyond time, dream beyond dreams. Snow white dial as pure as your soul, the sublime sub dial, should be called a submarine dial because you could wear this at the bottom of the ocean. A dive watch for the most vicious waves, the harshest shores. In Russia they throw their infants into the ocean, only the strong will make it to land and survive, eventually finding their family. I can’t help but think of this brutal tradition when I see the design elements of this watch. Rugged yet refined. Capable yet supple, the stainless steel bracelet only usable for the most stainless of hearts. One of Vostok’s greatest pieces.